Ignite-style Talk

Moving away from The Mall Model of Informatics Education

8:16 AM–8:24 AM Jun 21, 2018 (US - Central)

Crescent AB, 16th Floor


Abstract: For informatics education to truly be excellent, I think we need more programmatic curriculum planning that doesn’t accept the mall model of the sole faculty proprietor designing and carrying out his class independently. We need a more programmatic view of a curriculum to increase context, avoid excessive redundancy, reduce gaps, create higher quality courses, gets students engaged, and facilitate progressive knowledge and skill building across classes. We need a model that increases collaboration in design, feedback in execution, and continuous quality monitoring. We are piloting this model at the University of Utah, and I will describe a few of our techniques as well as the resulting discomfort and pain arising from asking faculty to give up some of their independence and submit themselves to scrutiny of their peers in the classroom.


Wendy Chapman (Presenter)
University of Utah