WS02: Workshop - Pathways to Competency-Driven Curricula for Health Informatics Programs

8:00 AM–10:00 AM Jun 19, 2018 (US - Central)

Crescent AB, 16th Floor


Abstract: The foundational domains for graduates from an applied MS degree in Health Informatics have been incorporated into the 2017 CAHIIM Standards for Masters’ Degree Programs in Health Informatics. Accredited programs and those newly seeking accreditation will be required to demonstrate how their curriculum maps to the foundational domains. The concept of a competency-driven curriculum is new for most program directors. Traditionally, curriculum has been content-driven (focusing on topic areas structured by courses, credit hours, terms, and what students “know”) versus competency-driven (focusing on learning outcomes and what students “do”). Each program needs to develop its own curricular response to the foundational domains and to move toward a competency-driven curriculum. Program directors and faculty must deconstruct existing curricula and build a sequence of coursework that progressively moves students towards mastery of the competencies. This interactive session will focus on the process, best practices, tools and methods of transitioning from content- to competency-driven instruction for the purpose of meeting the curriculum aspect of the 2017 CAHIIM Accreditation Standards for Masters’ Degree Programs in Health Informatics.


Annette Valenta (Presenter)
University of Illinois at Chicago

Eta Berner (Presenter)
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Todd Johnson (Presenter)
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Josette Jones (Presenter)
Indiana University

Eva Manos (Presenter)
University of Kansas, School of Nursing