Abstract: In this session, a faculty member will share experience in competency model development, adoption, and evaluation in health sciences. Specifically, she will share the experience of comptency model use in an MHA program with applicantion to the Informatics field. The model described was used by four academic programs to drive curriculum design and assessment of student development. The rationale for and process of the update to the model, which was initially developed in 2007, will be presented along with examples of assessment of
student competency attainment.

This session will also describe how the academic program used tailored compentency assessment to meet each of the program's unique needs (i.e. required fellowship vs optional). Participants will learn about the model validation, update, examples and develop their own competency assessment plans to meet CAHIIM criteria. The overall question for attendees to
consider is: How can we evaluate and assess student competency attainment?


Abby Kazley (Presenter)
Medical University of South Carolina