Abstract: The University of Utah designed and implemented a summer boot-camp in data science for health professionals. The purpose of the boot-camp was to provide opportunities for collaboration between clinical and academic staff and students as they learned about data science. The aim of this presentation is to provide an example of a data science short course training opportunity and engage participants in the discussion about the program processes and outcomes. We will present details of the planning, implementation, and assessment of this program. Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected through surveys, interviews, and focus groups of training participants as well as, teaching faculty. The pre-boot camp data include survey data from program faculty, and graduate student focus group data. During the boot camp, participants completed pre- and post-surveys about their comfort levels of core data science tasks. Classroom teaching observations were also conducted in each of the boot camp courses. A six-month post-boot camp survey was also conducted to determine impact and participant application of the data science training. Participants and faculty were also invited to participate in six-month post interviews. The post-boot camp data is being used for curriculum improvement and planning of the second boot camp in July 2018. Qualitative interview and focus group data were analyzed using constant comparison grounded theory qualitative methodologies. Descriptive qualitative data is being used to inform demographic and attitudinal statistics. This presentation will be useful for data science educators and administrators interested in designing and developing data science training, and student data science attitudes and competencies after a concentrated boot camp experience. Lessons learned and future plans will be discussed. Participants will have an opportunity to engage in the discussion about this boot camp experience approach and provide feedback on the results of the evaluation plan which will be critical for the success and effectiveness of the next iteration of the data science boot camp.


Donna Ziegenfuss (Presenter)
University of Utah

Brian Chapman, University of Utah
Matthew Samore, University of Utah