Abstract: As incoming student populations, student success metrics, and post-higher education expectations change, instructors must also consider changing their teaching and assessment practices. However, change is hard and can require time to plan, implement and assess. Therefore, this session will provide an opportunity to jump-start a plan for rethinking teaching pedagogy without starting from scratch or recreating the wheel by using a Teaching and Learning Toolbox for Busy Instructors. This hands-on workshop session will provide an opportunity for informatics instructors to step back and reflect on their teaching practice, utilize some tools and tips from the Busy Instructor Teaching and Learning Toolbox to refresh their teaching practice, and develop new strategies for engaging students in active learning in the classroom, whether it be face-to-face, blended, or online.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have: (1) reflected on their own teaching practice; (2) learned about current education and pedagogical best practices; (3) utilized some tips and tools to help manage course design and teaching tasks; (4) discovered easily-implemented strategies for engaging students in the classroom; and, (4) shared teaching challenges and successes with their peers. Data collected in this session as participants pool their own ideas and strategies for successful teaching will be complied and turned back to participants. Participants will also take-away an online toolbox resource that pulls together useful teaching and learning resources, tips, strategies, and tools that they can easily be used to design instruction, tweak teaching practice to engage students, and assess student learning.


Donna Ziegenfuss (Presenter)
University of Utah